ALL GOOD VIBES - connecting new architectural horizons

All Good Vibes,

ALL GOOD VIBES - connecting new architectural horizons: A new podcast that redefines sustainable architecture, projects and space according to an augmented concept of beauty.  

Promoted by the online portal Floornature and supported by the Iris Ceramica Group Foundation, All Good Vibes, on air from May 8, invites its guests to reflect on the future role of architecture and design, connecting different experiences, contexts and generations.

ALL GOOD VIBES - connecting new architectural horizons is the brand new Podcast promoted by Iris Ceramica Group Foundation and  international online architecture and design magazine Floornature.com, which promises good vibrations convertible into inspiration and creative thought for architects, designers and the rest of us.

Ideas, stimuli and projects on the theme of sustainability and its various aspects, an interdisciplinary approach that covers science and conscience and reinterprets disciplines and concepts such as architecture, design, technology and art according to new, essential parameters: environment, circularity, restructuring, resilience, social and corporate responsibility.

The format consists of a series of 15-minute episodes in English every fortnight, with discussions open to collective reflection and hosting different voices and experiences each time, featuring architects and designers, authoritative figures and promising new talents. 

The same formula will apply to each episode, produced with the support of Lorenzo Abagnale and led by a duo of passionate professionals, Christiane Bürklein and Virginia Cucchi, who will introduce the discussion on the topic and then ask the guest to answer questions.

Our hope is that among the topics, stories and opinions of the protagonists, all listeners will find opportunities to expand their knowledge and reflect, as well as a useful guide to identifying values to pursue that will characterize life and work in the future.

The same values that are already intertwined in the identity and design of the All Good Vibes Podcast, where the sound waves intersect with topographic and design references in green and blue, referring to the biosphere and sustainability: a symbol that summarizes and describes the commitment of Iris Ceramica Group Foundation to encourage cross-cutting studies and research, joint development and design, to apply truly sustainable models that promote ethics and a relationship culture to build an advanced concept of beauty.

Episode zero of All Good Vibes, a kind of overview by the two hosts and an advertisement for the series of programs as a whole, will be aired together with the first episode on May 8, the day of the official debut starring SET Architects, a team of young professionals who have adopted a precise and essential language to communicate with the environment. Simplicity is the key note of their creative process, where sustainable materials and respect for the context and identity define a flexible and resilient contemporary lifestyle. Architect Andrea Tanci, co-founder of the firm with Onorato di Manno, will be the first guest of All Good Vibes. 

You’ll find us on the main podcast platforms: Spreaker, Spotify, Apple & Google podcast. Stay connected!

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